Setting SMART Goals In The New Year

I try to avoid the word resolutions because it tends to have such a negative connotation. People hear that word and they think, oh there’s another thing that I’m never gonna do and it becomes the butt of the joke; people don’t take it seriously.

So, I think it Its much healthier to set a goal, s e t  a  g o a l! A realistic one! Set smart goals, S-M-A-R-T. Make sure that they are very simple and  specific. So, just saying in general, “I wanna make more money”… well if you find a five dollars bill on the floor, you got more money. So you wanna say, “I wanna double my salary, or take on ten new patients, or I want to make 125 dollars next year.

Make it very specific and idiot proof. And then make it measurable and meaningful so everyone will know when you’ve gotten your goal. You can prove you lost ten pounds instead of just saying, “well, I lost weight”. You want to make sure it’s absolutely measurable and you want to make sure that it’s meaningful to you. If it doesn’t have any meaning to you, why set the goal!?!

To hear more great advice on goal setting and how to effectively achieve your goals in 2012, listen to the interview below with Mike Montgomery of WBGZ in Alton, Illinois.

2 Responses

  1. I love your comments. I was unemployed for a year with no prospect of a job. I wanted to do something besides cry and woddle in self pity. So, I wrote a book about what I was going through and how I was going to win. I started thinking as an entrepreneur. I sold my books online and to family and friends. I later got involved in a networkmarking company. This was something I swore I wouldn’t try again. I got involved because it was travel & ecommerce. This was something that everybody did. I am not rich but I know that if I don’t give up that I would do well. Pease check out my profile and pass it on to family and friends. Happy New Year and be blessed.

    • Wow….kudos on GREAT work bouncing back, Robert. What a great story! When I write YOU-TURN #2,I’ll include your story for sure.
      Thanks for commenting…keep up the awesome living! Best of Health, Dr. Nancy

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